TDD-LTE Booster

TDD LTE uses unpaired spectrum, the working frequencies for transmitting (uplink) and receiving (downlink) are exactly same. TDD LTE allocates different time slots as the guard band. TDD-LTE has a higher spectrum efficiency, and uplink and downlink can be changed dynamically.

Mobile operators less deploy TDD-LTE compare with FDD-LTE. With many significant advantages, TDD-LTE is growing very fast.

WiseRepeater uses customized intelligent CPU and patented TDD technology on the TDD-LTE 4G repeaters.

Our TDD-LTE repeater automatically detects the guard band of existing TDD-LTE network and synchronize the repeater to works with existing TDD-LTE network harmoniously.

All of our 4G TDD-LTE mobile phone signal repeaters are integrated with dynamic uplink and downlink optimization technology. The advanced uplink sleep function is the great turning point of eliminating interferences with the signal base station.

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