ALC Auto Level Control Repeater

ALC Auto Level Control Repeater

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Mobile phone signal repeaters are designed to amplify wireless cell phone signals. When correctly installed a qualified repeater, it can help to extend the amplified mobile phone signals to weak signal areas.

However, malfunctioning, poorly designed or improperly installed mobile phone signal repeater can interfere with mobile phone signal tower cause interference to a range of cell phone connections, and also cause self-oscillation in the mobile phone repeater system.

ALC - Automatic Level Control Technology

is an abbreviation of Automatic Level Control. It's one of the interference mitigation technologies. The standard procedure for ALC  mechanism detects input mobile phone signal strength and adjust repeater power when the input signal reaches a predefined level. ALC feature is an innovation solution to enable the mobile phone repeater to achieve the best working performance according to the actual network traffic.

WiseRepeater's advanced ALC circuit design can significantly optimize the cellular conversation quality, reduce interference to BTS mobile phone signal tower and avoid the self-oscillation in a repeater system. You do not need to worry about use a mobile phone repeater could cause trouble of interference to the mobile phone signal tower.

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