Connector for install on cable and repeater machine. Tools for install connector on cable. Find the right crimp, connector or adapter for your repeater include N-type, FME, T-type, SMA and SMA-RP adapters.

-5 N Male Press Connector WRA31

This -5 N-Male Crimp connector designed for 50-5D signal cables.  Default 10m signal cables com..

-7 N Male Press Connector WRA32

The -7 N-Male press connector is designed for 50-7D signal cables.  ..

N Female Base Connector WRA36

N Female Base Connector..

N Female to N Female Barrel Connector WRA33

The N Female barrel connector is a converter with N-type female connections on both ends which allow..

N Female to SMA Male Connector WRA35

N Female to SMA Male connector has N female port and SMA male port...

N Male to N Male Connector WRA34

N male to N male connector has 2 N male port on both sides...

N Male to SMA Female Connector WRA20

N male to SMA female connector has N male port and SMA female port...

N Male to SMA Male Connector WRA29

N male to SMA male connector has N male port and SMA male port...

NK Male Connector WRA21

N-type male compression connector is used on 50-7D signal cables. This connector can be installed by..

SMA Female Base Connector WRA37

SMA Female Base Connector..

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