4G LTE Repeater

4G LTE, short of 3GPP Long Term Evolution, is an all IP-based high-speed wireless technology. 4G LTE network already deployed in over 200 countries and still growing. 4G LTE can provide a virtual LAN reality to mobile handsets by offering very high-speed access to the Internet to experience real triple play services such as data, voice, and video from a mobile network.

There is a large number of radio spectrum reserved for 4G LTE networks, from band 1 to band 44.  There are two different technologies of 4G LTE mobile phone network, FDD-LTE, and TDD-LTE.

WiseRepeater produces both of FDD-LTE 4G repeater and TDD-LTE 4G repeaters. Our 4G LTE repeaters are covering all of the popular 4G radio frequencies.

VoLTE Supported

VoLTE, short of Voice Over LTE, is supported in both of our FDD-LTE and TDD-LTE 4G signal repeaters. If the mobile operator has VoLTE service, and your smartphone support VoLTE function, you can enjoy the superior call quality over the 4G network even in the signal blind areas.

4G FDD-LTE Repeater

FDD LTE uses a paired spectrum with different frequencies to transmitting (uplink) and receiving (downlink) signals simultaneously. FDD LTE also has a guard band to avoid the interference between uplink and downlink. 

WiseRepeater produces FDD LTE signal booster exactly same as the FDD LTE spectrum.

All of our FDD-LTE 4G repeaters are build-in sufficient interference eliminating technologies including Auto Level Control (ALC) and Manual Gain Control (MGC).

4G TDD-LTE Repeater

TDD LTE uses unpaired spectrum, the working frequencies for transmitting (uplink) and receiving (downlink) are exactly same. TDD LTE allocates different time slots as the guard band. 

WiseRepeater uses customized intelligent CPU and patented TDD technology on the TDD-LTE 4G repeaters. 

Our TDD-LTE repeater automatically detects the guard band of existing TDD-LTE network and synchronize the repeater to works with existing TDD-LTE network harmoniously.

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