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Welcome to WiserRepeater.com. You can find the most extensive signal booster here, from 700MHz to 2700MHz.

You can also get the professional signal coverage solutions for 1~2 rooms, home office, car boat, and even the building mansion.

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CE & RoHS Qualified Mobile Signal Boosters
10-year Manufacturing Experience
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What does the Mobile Signal Booster do?

Mobile signal booster is designed to capture outdoor mobile phone signals and send boosted signals to indoor areas. An essential and typical mobile phone repeater system consists of an outdoor antenna, a mobile signal booster, an indoor antenna and several meters of signal cables.

There must be an existing and stable mobile phone signal source to receive and feed mobile signal booster. If you got a weak signal in outdoor, please choose the directional and high-gain outdoor antenna to capture more mobile signals. If the mobile tower is too far from your location, please use power pro or power max models to improve the output power on both of uplink and downlink.

2G 3G and 4G Mobile Signal Networks

GSM (2G system) was intended to provide the phone call service and message services. The enhanced 2G networks of EDGE/GRRS evolved to provide data transmission services.

The 3G and 4G networks can provide high-performance data transmission services intending to Internet access from mobile terminal equipment including smartphones and tablets. The main difference for the user between 3G and 4G systems is the transmission speed.

Not sure what frequencies used by your mobile phone operator? Contact us and get the custom-made signal coverage plan.