MGC Manual Gain Controlled Repeater

A mobile phone repeater can amplify received outdoor wireless signals and output amplified cell phone signals to improve mobile signal coverage.

However, malfunctioning, poorly designed, or improperly installed mobile repeater could create interferences to BTS cell phone signal tower and affect a range of mobile users. In the meantime, it causes self-oscillation in the mobile repeater system also.

MGC – Manual Gain Control Technology

MGC, abbreviative of Manual Gain Control, is the most advanced interference mitigation technology.  Our wise and innovative MGC mechanism allows users to adjust mobile repeater gains manually. Simply click the “Add(+)” or “Reduce(-)” button, the internal MCU single-chip microcomputer will change the repeater’s gain instantly and also show current gains on the LCD screen.

WiseRepeater’s advanced MGC circuit design can significantly optimize the cellular conversation quality, reduce interference to BTS mobile phone signal tower and avoid the self-oscillation in a repeater system.

Compare MGC / ATT Function

WiseRepeater’s MGC mechanism use an optimized ATT (attenuator) step switch and control the circuit by MCU single-chip microcomputer which build-in our intelligent controlling software. MGC function can also use binary dial switch which is less cost but unstable.

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