What Is A Mobile Repeater System?

The mobile phone repeater system is designed to take and amplify existing mobile phone signal in outdoor, and then rebroadcast amplified mobile phone signals to indoor areas which have a weak signal or no signal at all.

An essential and typical mobile phone repeater system consists of an outdoor antenna, a mobile phone repeater, an indoor antenna, and several meters of signal cables.

The capability of Mobile Phone Repeater

The mobile phone repeater is unable to create a signal. There must be an existing and stable mobile phone signal source to receive and feed the mobile repeater. The defined coverage area of a mobile repeater depends on outdoor signal strength and installation of the mobile repeater system.

If an outdoor antenna installed in a high signal area, and if the indoor antenna placed in the best location and no major obstacles to prevent signals transmission, Wiserepeater’s mobile phone repeater system could cover similarly sized areas as described. Unfortunately, most situations are not ideal, so it’s often necessary to choose a more powerful mobile repeater device to compensate for a weak signal area.

Outdoor Antenna

There are two different types of outdoor antennas including Omni all-directional and Yagi directional.

Omni-directional antennas are designed to send and receive signals in all directions which allow you to pick up signals from multiple mobile phone signal towers in different directions. It’s usually used in strong signal areas.

Yagi directional antennas are featured by send and receive signals in a particular direction. It’s suitable for use in weak signal areas.

Indoor Antenna

There are also two types of indoor antennas usually serves mobile phone repeater system.

Panel antennas could broadcast and receive signals in one particular. It’s the best choice for long and rectangular spaces. Panel antennas could mount on the wall and face down space need signal coverage.

Dome / Whip antennas are used to cover one floor with the signal in all directions. Dome antenna usually mounts on the ceiling of the center of space.  Whip antenna usually installs on mobile repeater machine directly.

Signal Cable

Cables are used to connect different parts in the mobile phone repeater system. The bigger the diameter cable is, the less signal will lose.  So we usually use the double-shield coax cable -7 type. Wiserepeater also offers a -5 type thinner cable.

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